Episode IV: A New Pope

28 Feb 2010

I’ve moved my blog to Jekyll. I think this is the post where I’m supposed to apologize for falling off the blog wagon and promise to post more in the future, though truth be told I have few regrets and make no promises. My aged Drupal install had gotten to the point where I felt actively discouraged from posting. Now that I’ve rectified that, I’ve at least enabled myself to post in the future if I have any flashes of inspiration. Still, I promise nothing. I only migrated the handful of posts that seemed less than completely obsolete.

My migration process produced two noteworthy artifacts: Vim syntax highlighting for Liquid and the same for Markdown. There are existing implementations of both of these, but they had limitations I could not accept (most notably, I couldn’t combine them). The Liquid set has some Jekyll specific goodies like YAML front matter highlighting and support for Pygments highlight blocks. You need to explicitly specify which types of highlight blocks you want highlighted and map between the Pygments type and Vim type in your vimrc:

let g:liquid_highlight_types=["html","erb=eruby","html+erb=eruby.html"]